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  • Fleas

  • Flea Prevention

    Homeowners should clean and vacuum frequently to help remove flea populations and prevent the laying of eggs. It's also necessary to keep the lawn groomed to avoid rodent habitation. Pet owners should practice active flea management by keeping dogs on a leash when outside, bathing and grooming pets regularly, visiting a veterinarian annually, and using flea treatments (such as Comfortis) according to direction. If you suspect a flea infestation, it is important to hire a flea control professional to rid your home of rodents and fleas.

    Some Flea Facts

    • There are more than 1,500 species of fleas in the world, yet only a few species are found on dogs, cats, and humans.
    • Cat fleas, or ctenocephalides felis, are the most commonly encountered species in the home in the U.S.
    • Cat fleas prefer cats over dogs and will settle for humans.
    • Adult fleas can live years without feeding from a host.
    • When you walk through a vacant property, fleas often jump on your feet because the movement and carbon dioxide you emit awakens them.


    If you are concerned about fleas in your home, contact a pest professional.  Stopping a flea infestation before it happens is Very important.  Once the fleas get out of control, it is very hard to eliminate the entire infestation.